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Boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx

Asylums & Homes
Anthony Home 126 East 17th Street
Association for Improved Instruction of Deaf Mutes 912 Lexington Avenue
Association for Relief of Respectable Aged Indigent Females Amsterdam Avenue & West 104th Street
Babies' Shelter, Church Holy Communion, Reception House 49 West 20th Street
Baby Fold 353 West 20th Street (office)
Baptist Home for Aged East 18th Street & Park Avenue
Baptist Ministers 2023 Vyse Avenue
Berachah Orphanage, House Reception 690 Eighth Avenue
Blind Asylum Blackwell's Island
Bloomingdale Insane Asylum White Plains, NY
Brace Memorial Lodging House 9 Duane Street
Catholic Protectory, Van Nest Station 415 Broome Street (office)
Chapin Home for the Aged & Infirm 151 East 66th Street
Charity Org. Society 105 East 22nd Street
Chebra Hachnosath Orchim see Hebrew Sheltering House & Home for Aged
Children Aid Society 105 East 22nd Street (office)
Children's Fold West 155th Street, near St. Nicholas Avenue
Christian League, Industrial Home 5 East 12th Street
Christian Workers 129 East 10th Street
Color Orphan Asylum Broadway & West 143rd Street
Convalescents' Home 433 East 118th Street
Co-operative Home for Self-Supporting Girls 348 West 14th Street
Crittenion Florence Home for Working Girls 140 East 14th Street
Deaconess Home (Baptist) 312 West 54th Street
Hiram Deats Memorial Home for Children 54 Washington Square South
Dominican Convent Our Lady of Rosary 329 East 63rd Street
Door of Hope 102 East 61st Street
East Side Home 416 East 26th Street
Edgewater Creche 1123 Broadway
Elizabeth Home for Girls 307 East 12th Street
Elmira Reformatory 135 East 15th Street (office)
Eva Home 153 East 82nd Street
Mary Fisher Home 148 St. Ann's Avenue
Five Points House of Indigent 155 Worth Street
Five Points Mission 63 Park Street
Founding Asylum 175 East 68th Street
Florence Night Mission 21 Bleecker Street
Free Home for Destitute Young Girls 23 East 11th Street
French Evangelical Home for Young Women 341 West 30th Street
German Lutheran Emigrant Home 12 State Street
German Odd Fellows' Home & Orphan Asylum Avenue B, Unionport, NY
German Odd Fellows' Home & Orphan Asylum 69 St. Mark's Place (office)
Grace Church Hospital 414 East 14th Street
Hebrew Benevolent & Orphan Asylum Amsterdam Avenue, near West 136th Street
Hebrew Sheltering House & Home for Aged 210 Madison Street
Clara de Hirsch Home for Working Girls East 63rd Street, near Second Avenue
Home for Aged & Infirm Hebrews West 105th Street, near Columbus Avenue
Home for Crippled & Incurable Children 513 West 152nd Street
Home for Friendless, for Females and Children Jerome & Woody Crest Avenues
Home for Incurables Third Avenue & East 182nd Street
Home for Italian Immigrants 219 Bleecker Street
Home for Old Men & Aged Couples Amsterdam Avenue & West 112th Street
Home for Protestant Immigrant Girls 9 State Street
Home for Relief of Destitute Blind Amsterdam Avenue & West 104th Street
Home for the Aged 213 East 70th Street
Home for the Aged of the Church of the Holy Communion (P. E.) 41 West 20th Street
Home for Young Women 49 West 9th Street
Home for Young Women (branch) 308 Second Avenue
Home for the Daughters of Jacob 40 Gouverneur Street
Isaac T. Hooker Home 110 Second Avenue
House of Calvary 5 Perry Street
House of Mercy West 213th Street, Inwood
House of Our Lady of the Wayside 27 St. Mark's Place
House of the Good Shepard East 90th Street, foot of
House of the Holy Comforter for Incurables 151 Second Avenue
House of the Holy Family 136 Second Avenue
Howard Mission & Home for Little Wanderers 225 East 11th Street
Huguenot Home of French Church Du St. Esprit 250 West 54th Street
Ind. Christian Alliance 170 Bleecker Street
Infant Asylum Amsterdam Avenue & West 61st Street
Insane Asylum Ward's Island
Insane Asylum 1 Madison Avenue (office)
Isabelia Heimath Amsterdan Avenue & West 190th Street
Jeanne d' Arc Home 251 West 24th Street
Jennje Clarkson Home for Children Katonah, NY
Jennje Clarkson Home for Children 264 Lenox Avenue (office)
Juvenile Asylum West 176th Street & Amsterdam Avenue
Leake & Watt's Orphan House Hawthorne Avenue, near city line
Leo House for German Catholic Immigrants 6 State Street
Lincoln Hospital East 141st Street & Concord Avenue
Lutheran Pilgrim House 8 State Street
McAuley's Water Street Mission 316 Water Street
Magdalen Benevolent Society West 139th Street, foot of
Margaret Louisa Home of Young Women's Christian Association 14 East 16th Street
Medical Missionary Home 288 Lexington Avenue
Messiah Home for Children 490 Mott Avenue
Methodist Episcopal Home Amsterdam Avenue & West 92nd Street
Mission of Our Lady of the Rosary 7 State Street
Mission of the Immaculate Virgin 2 Lafayette Place
Montefiore Home for Chronic Invalids Broadway & West 138th Street
Mothers' Home 531 East 86th Street
National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers Post Office Building (office)
Newsboys' Lodging Home 9 Duane Street
New Sailors' Home of Protestant Episcopal Mission to Seaman 52 Market Street
New York Orphan Asylum Yonkers, NY
New York Orphan Asylum 105 East 22nd Street (office)
Night Refuge for Homeless Women 144 West 15th Street
Orphan Asylum of St. Vincent de Paul 211 West 39th Street
Church of the Holy Trinity Orphanage 400 East 50th Street
Orphan Home & Asylum of Protestant Episcopal Church East 49th Street, near Lexington Avenue
Peabody Home for Aged & Indigent Women 2064 Boston Road
Presbyterian Home for Aged Women East 73rd Street, near Madison Avenue
Protestant Half-Orphan Asylum 104th Street & Manhattan Avenue
Rescue Home 316 East 15th Street
Rescue Home for Colored Women 244 West 47th Street
Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum Sedgwick Avenue & Kingsbridge Road
Sacred Heart Home for Women & Children 2412 Second Avenue
Sailors' Home 190 Cherry Street
Sailors' Snug Harbor Staten Island, NY
St. Ann's Home for Children 500 East 90th Street
St. Barnabas' House 304 Mulberry Street
St. Bartholomew Girl' Home 136 East 47th Street
St. Benedict's Home for Destitute Colored Children 2 Lafayette Place
St. Clare House 147 West 14th Street
St. Helena's 311 East 4th Street
St. James' Home 21 Oliver Street
St. John the Baptist House 233 East 17th Street
St. John's Guild 501 Fifth Avenue (office)
St. Joseph's Home for the Aged 209 West 15th Street
St. Joseph's Home for Destitute Children, House of Reception 137 West 31st Street
St. Joseph's Home for Immigrants 18 Greenwich Street
St. Joseph's Industrial Home 65 East 81st Street
St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum East 89th Street & Avenue A
St. Luke's Home for Aged Women 2908 Broadway
St. Mary's Home for Protection & Comfort of 
Respectable Young Women while Seeking Employment
143 West 14th Street
St. Phillip's Home for Industrious Catholic Boys 417 Broome Street
St. Phillip's Parish Home 1119 Boston Road
St. Rose's Free Home for Incurable Cancer 426 Cherry Street
St. Zita's Temporary Home for Friendless Women 125 East 52nd Street
Samaritan Home for the Aged 414 West 22nd Street
Scandinavian Immigrant Home 24 Greenwich Street
Shelter for Respectable Girls 159 East 46th Street
Sheltering Arms 504 West 129th Street
Shepherd's Fold West 155th Street, near St. Nicholas Avenue
Sick Children's Mission 287 East Broadway
Sisterhood of the Good Shepherd 165 East 193rd Street
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children 297 Fourth Avenue
Margaret Strachan Home 103 West 27th Street
Swedish Lutheran Immigrant Home 9 Water Street
Swiss Home 108 Second Avenue
Thecia Home & Reading Room 313 West 53rd Street
Thecia Orphanage Upper Nyack, NY
Thecia Orphanage 105 East 22nd Street (office)
Training Home for Christian Workers 128 East 10th Street
Trinity Chapel Home for Aged Women 221 West 24th Street
Trinity Mission House 211 Fulton Street
Warburg Orphan Farm School 131 Liberty Street (office)
Washington Square Home for Friendless Girls 49 Washington Square South
Webb's Academy & Home for Shipbuilders Sedgwick Avenue & Academy Street
West Side Boys Lodging House 400 Seventh Home
White Rose Mission 217 East 86th Street
Wilson Industrial School for Girls 125 St. Mark's Place
Women's Baptist Home for City Missionaries 477 West 22nd Street
Woman's Shelter 243 Bowery

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