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Ilive in a quaint village that is located on the east shore of the Hudson River, right across from West Point. I been here a few years now. Still believe that this area of the Hudson Valley is extremely beautiful the whole year round. There is nothing more mystic then a river working it's way through a valley in an early morning mist or an evening sunset. Cold Spring Home 

But if you made it here, you are properly more interested in one of my hobbies, backyard birding, gardening, genealogy or my favorite, model trains, then the area where I live.

Model railroading is my oldest hobby. As with most adult railroad modelers, I was introduce to model trains with by my father. One year for Christmas  he built a Lionel layout. To keep it a surprise, I live for a time at my grandma's. Best Christmas surprise I ever had!  A steam leak in our city apartment ruin the engines and track, but too late! I was hooked. Soon after we moved to a smaller apartment, so there was no chance of another layout. But that never stop me from visited every train shop I could find over and over again. It was during one of these visit, I first saw N scale and immediately became an N'er. 

In the late 60's my parents bought their own home and under New York City rent laws, I was allow to keep living in the rent control apartment. The first thing I did was turned my old small bedroom into a layout room. I had the frame built and the main line up and running, but little else when catastrophe struck! Being in my early twenties, single and on my own, I tended to have a lot of parties. The two don’t mix well. At one of them, a big buddies wanted to take a closer look at the layout and lean over and didn't stop! But it may have been fate, because while most the layout was destroyed, a small switch area was left unscratched by the massive collapse. Without realizing it, I found that I enjoyed moving cars around in an industrial area a lot more then watching trains running around a loop of track. So I never got beyond the planning stage in rebuilding a room-size layout.

While I lived in the city, I always kept my eye open for a club, that I could get to by public transportation. Then one day out of the clear blue, I get assign to a test bureau that has a few fellow N'ers and they're members of the Metropolitan Model Railroad Club. It's N only and in Englewood, New Jersey and Metropolitan N-Scale Railroad Clubis reachable by bus from the George Washington Bus Terminal. I was a member for slightly more than a year and they were just beginning a new layout in a bigger room when I had to quit because of my move to Cold Spring. Sorry to say, but I lost touch with the Metropolitan N Scale Railroad Club after I moved. I have found out that it ceased in the mid-nineties. Their custom printed cars can be found at model railroad auctions.

New York Central Cigar LogoConstruction problems with my new home and my declining health kept me away from my favorite hobby for awhile. But a newspaper article on a local model railroad club got me re-interested in joining a club. The article was on  The Putnam Model Railroad Club, a club that was modeling the New York Central Putnam Division in Putnam County as it was in the early 50s. The club was meeting in a private home in the Carmel area, which is about twenty miles east of my home. The Old Put Text layout was design to be sectional so that it can be set up anywhere. This was because the club has no true permanent location. I joined and my suggestion that night, the club officially changed it named to Putnam Historical Model Railroad Club was approved.  I was a member for a couple of years, when in March of '96 my local newspaper had an article about the startup of a new club in my village. I tried staying in both but was unable to do so. 

The new club was name the Philipstown Club Old Logo AniPhilipstown Railroad Club and was located in the basement of St. Mary of the Highlands Church. I jumped at the opportunity to get in on a model railroad club from its get go. I was hoping to learn some new tricks, but it turned out that the four founders were newbies to large layout constructing and operating. Their sole interest was running trains ASAP. I proposed the building of a portable layout that can be taken to shows, but when a few sheets of plywood were donated, a building frenzy began. A 16' x 22' 'G' shape flat tabletop was built within a few weeks without any track plan.. The whole thing was covered with plywood and homasote. All the track work was put down temporary because of the lack of an approved track plan.

Building a layout without a track plan is and always will be a major no-no! So after watching their trains run around a few times, the four founders got bored and stop showing up. And when track problems began to occur, more members stop coming. When the club got down to only two active members, a decision was made to reorganize. The original club was disbanded and the new club was to an N scale under the name of Newburgh HeraldPhilipstown Railroad Association. But with no money to advertise -- no new members were found. An attempted was made to merge the PRRA with my old club, the PHMRC which still needed a place, but the church directors didn't want anything more to do with a poorly functioning club in their basement.  

In the meantime, the Olde Newburgh Club Model Railroad Club, had replace their 'O' layout with an N scale one without me knowing it. When I went to check them out, I found out that they too had lost the use of their location in the Masonic Hall basement because the building was sold. They quickly found a new location on the top floor of the VFW building in Walden. What a move -- everything was up! I am still a member with the TONMRC, but not as active like I would be. 


Animated Passenger Train Devider

D in D Genealogy

n the early 90's, I got into genealogy when I got interested in old family photos I was scanning  into my computer in order to restore them for my mother. I got curious about exactly who was whom in the photos. In questioning my mother about 'em, I found that she had very little facts in her memories. The only items I had of genealogy value, besides the photos, was my great grandmother death certificate and a document written in German. With the help of my mother's memories, they were enough to begin.

The death certificate had the cemetery information. One simple call and I found out when my great grandfather and my grandfather died. New York Public LibraryA trip to the New York City Archives for their death certificates was an eye open. I found out I was the fourth straight generation with heart problems. I also learned I was not German, but Swiss. Well I was hook. Thanks to my disability, I had lots of time to do research at the Ladder Day Saints (LDS) Family History Centers (FHC), the New York Public Library (NYPL) and the National Archives and Record Administration (NARA) along with the New York City Archives. I accomplish in two years what would normally take a family weekend researcher many years. By the way, that German document turn out to be my great grandfather, Max Dubler, relinquishing his Swiss citizenship statement.

I did run into a wall. My mother being born out of wedlock, was persona non grata when it came to family events. She doesn't ever remember meeting her father. My mother grew up knowing she had lots of cousins, but didn’t Herlihy's '98 Reunion Photoknow any of them. But thanks to the Internet, this last hurdle was overcome by putting my pedigree data on the web. I figured, sooner or later, a descendant would find my site and contact me. It took only two years to hook that descendant. That one relative was able to help me find all the missing cousins. We even had our first Herlihy reunion, in June of '98.

I still got two big holes in my lineage. All of my grandmother, Luella Belle Greene, records conflict. I have her being born in Connecticut, Kentucky, or New York. I have her father as Joseph Greene, but I have two different names for her mother. To tell ya the truth, I am not even sure her maiden name was even Greene. After my grandfather, Andrew Dubler, died, she put down Dubler as her maiden name when she remarried. She also list this second marriage as being her first. Never having found a marriage certificate for my grandparents, I am not sure if they were marry. My other hole concerns my great great grandfather, Isaac Lynt. I have been unable to find out who his father was or even where he is buried. Family folk lore says that he was descendants from the early Dutch settlers. I figure we must be descendants of Dennis Lynt. He had four sons. I believe one them could be Isaac father or grandfather.

Herlihy-Dubler Shields

For those that are just interested in the family photos and shields, I made an index for them. The index is broken down into family lineage and shields.

Birding Genealogy



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